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Druez, a company located in the Charleroi region and with a history going back more than 100 years, works mainly in the building sector, with a geographical focus on Wallonia and occasionally Brussels.

Giving priority to customer satisfaction, the company's young and dynamic team can execute a range of different projects, from the construction of factory buildings to the refurbishment / restoration of existing buildings.

It also has a wealth of expertise in hospital works (e.g. the Tivoli Hospital in La Louvière, the ISPPC in Charleroi).




A few of its top projects:

  • The Poncelet factory in Fleurus
  • Refurbishment of the former “Le Grand Léon” cinema in Fontaine l’Evèque
  • Refurbishment of the Braine Le Comte culture centre
  • Development of a multi-service community centre in Ligny
  • Construction of the Jeunes du Sporting de Charleroi school in Marcinelle
  • Completion of the Keywall virtual studio in Marcinelle
  • Refurbishment of the main hall of the Palais des Beaux Arts in Charleroi

In consortium with other group companies:

  • The Frasnes lez Anvaing funeral centre
  • The Helios swimming centre in Charleroi


Philippe Goblet
Chief Executive Officer
2 M€
14 M€


Château Pirmez à Châtelet
Photo description nl: 
Kasteel Pirmez in Châtelet
Photo description en: 
Pirmez Castle in Châtelet
Agence Dexia (Belfius) à Montigny-le-Tilleul
Photo description nl: 
Agentschap Dexia (Belfius) in Montigny-le-Tilleul
Photo description en: 
Agence Dexia (Belfius), Montigny-le-Tilleul
Centre culture Baudouin V à Braine-le-Comte
Photo description nl: 
Cultureel centrum Baudouin V van 's-Gravenbrakel
Photo description en: 
Baudouin V cultural centre in Braine-le-Comte
Commissariat de Sivry-Rance
Photo description nl: 
Commissariaat van Sivry-Rance
Photo description en: 
Sivry-Rance police station
Service autodyalise du CHU de Charleroi
Photo description nl: 
Afdeling voor autodyalise in het C.H.U. in Charleroi
Photo description en: 
CHU self-dialysis unit, Charleroi
Centre communal de Ligny
Photo description nl: 
Gemeentschapscentrum van Ligny
Photo description en: 
Ligny Community Centre
Bloc H du CHU Tivoli à La Louvière
Photo description nl: 
C.G.U. Tivoli, Blok H in La Louvière
Photo description en: 
CHU Tivoli, Block H, La Louvière
Palais des Beaux-Arts de Charleroi
Photo description nl: 
Paleis voor Schone Kunsten van Charleroi
Photo description en: 
Palais des Beaux-Arts in Charleroi


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