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Herbosch-Kiere Marine Contractor is The UK based subsidiary of Herbosch-Kiere, a leading European contractor. Core activities include maritime construction, demolition and heavy lifting. Clients range from local authorities port and harbor operators, to oil and gas companies.

Over the past decade Herbosch-Kiere Marine Contractors has played an important role within the UK on contracts relating to marine construction and decommissioning. In the UK, HK work principally on projects within a marine environment utilising vessels and plant supplied to us by our parent company Herbosch-Kiere nv. 

The company has undertaken a variety of projects including the building and decommissioning of quays and harbour walls, jetties and dolphins, offshore installations, beach consolidation works, marine salvage, dredging and most recently projects within the marine renewable sector. HKMC Ltd are specialist in heavy lifting and have assisted in the installation of bridges above water amongst other operations.

The company owns the Atlantis, a versatile vessel ideal for offshore renewable works, including cable repair, recovery and installation. The Atlantis also has the ability to ground which is ideal for shallow water cable and fibre optic laying. Due to her numerous characteristics she has been employed on a variety of UK offshore and renewable contracts including fibre optic laying on Tat14, sub sub-sea cable laying in Ireland and Scotland, Roedsand, Labrador, Langeled and most recently on London Array. Another current renewable contract is with Pulse Tidal, the Sheffield based tidal stream power provider who is developing a commercial tidal energy system with six other major supply chain partners.  Herbosch-Kiere is the chosen partner for the Marine Installation works on this ground breaking project.



Allister Humby
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Extension de la jetée E
Photo description nl: 
Verlenging van Pier E
Photo description en: 
Pier-E Extension
Retrait de l'épave du Spanish Prince
Photo description nl: 
Berging van het schreepwrak Spanish Prince
Photo description en: 
Spanish Prince wreck removal
Modification du quai d'amarrage 2
Photo description nl: 
Aanpassingen aan aanlegplaats 2
Photo description en: 
Berth 2 Alterations
Projet Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT)
Photo description nl: 
Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) project
Photo description en: 
Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) project


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