Sivry-Rance police station

On 1 September 2010, work started on building a new central police station in Sivry-Rance. The main aim of the new station is to bring together the administrative functions of the various police stations in the “boot of Hainaut” (the so-called Botha area).

Development included offices for administrative functions, a meeting room and an armoury. Changing rooms were also built, as well as a car park. Two cells were also foreseen for interviewing people held in custody. The company also had the task of securing the access of people held in custody via a badging system.

Last but not least, a room meeting the norms of the “Salduz” Act is planned.

Work was completed on 27 March 2012.

Zone Police de la Botte du Hainaut - Beaumont
A.A.S.3 SPRL - Binche
Project duration: 
01/09/2010 – 27/03/2012